Why the term White Privilege is harmful.

A term has become popularised in the last decade ‘’White Privilege’’  it has become a term to create a feeling of guilt in the consciousness of White people. 

What is the mainstream definition of ‘’White Privilege’’? Below is a snippet from Wikipedia


‘’White privilege or white skin privilege is a the societal privilege that benefits white people over non-white people in some societies, particularly if they are otherwise under the same social, political or economic circumstances’’

Now, I’m not stating that this is completely incorrect as there are disparities such as; Black Britons more likely to be stopped and searched,  comprising 12.7% of the prison population even though Black Brits comprise less than 3% of the population. However on the other hand White pupils had the lowest entry rate into university. In fact White pupils had the lowest rate of all ethnicities! This shows you that surely a term such as ‘’White privilege’’ is inaccurate.  

As you can see above the White group is below all other groups. The chinese group has the highest higher education attainment levels.

This doesn’t disprove systematic racism which I’ll tackle in another article from an alternative viewpoint, however in every situation there are nuances or two sides of a coin so to speak. For more information go to this website.

Irish Traveller Children

There is a massive portion of the White European population who are not in a position of privilege, such as Irish Travellers who are regularly called derogatory words such as the infamous; ‘’Pikey’’ this tends to dominant their existence unfiltered discrimination. This would be looked down upon if it was directed at another group, say African-Americans. Many people understand that calling a person with African ancestry the ‘’N’’ word  is grossly offensive but using the ‘’P’’ word is seen as something funny. Both are racial slurs. Furthermore Galway City council have been described as institutionally racist by groups representing the traveller community. I do not detect any privilege here…

Let’s talk about trans-generational joblessness among the White Working class population in the United Kingdom; many families have been unemployed for generations with UK shows such as Benefit Street making entertainment of the plight of the White working class. I believe this to be immoral showcasing disadvantaged groups in this manner.


So what’s my point?

Not all groups that comprise the popular term ”White People” are in a position of privilege. Are some groups privilege? Yes? All groups? Most certainly not, which surely concludes that the term White privilege should be replaced with a more accurate term.

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