Your body, Government’s choice…

Covid-19 vaccine

As you may know the Covid-19 vaccine is out, and many sources are claiming to beat the supposed pandemic up to 85% of the population need to be vaccinated.

What we really need for 75% to 85% of the population to get vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, he explained.

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However we shouldn’t be worried about this statement, because according to the UK government will not enforce mandatory vaccinations on the British public. Despite ”fullfacts” compelling article to debunk the public’s suspicions on mandatory vaccinations, the health secretary Matt Hancock 6 days after the fullfact article was published stated ”Matt Hancock will not rule out making the Coronavirus vaccine mandatory”. I suspect if the majority of the population don’t give in to the many forms of propaganda, harsh penalties will be issued. Meaning if the majority don’t choose to vaccinate then the government will make our lives as hard as possible.

But how will they do this?

There’s a variety of ways the establishment are proposing to coerce people to get vaccinated such as allowing your boss to fire you if you don’t vaccinate.

Employers, however, may not be taking “no” for an answer.

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Another way the establishment can coerce you into accepting a vaccine is by allowing, restaurants, cinemas and bars the ability to check if you’ve taken the vaccine. In the same article it explains how its social media’s duty to ”clamp down” on free speech – or as the mainstream label it ”anti-vaxxer content”

Speaking to the BBC this afternoon, Zahawi added that it was “incumbent” upon social media platforms such as Facebook and Google to clamp down on anti-vaxxer content.

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Methods of silencing individuals such as anti-vaxxers points to a mandatory vaccination programme. If the vaccines were indeed your choice, then there would be no need to ”clamp down” on any content. Furthermore, there would be no need to suggest employers could fire you, and there would be no need for proof of vaccinations such as an ”immunity passport”.

We all must resist coercion.

With all these methods of control article doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

I’m afraid to say it but it seems as though; your body? Government’s choice…

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