Is tyranny the virus?

Militarised Police

In recent years we’ve seen a shift from free will within populations – the ability for an individual to assess a situation and act accordingly, to governments around the world dictating for how long you can kiss your grandmother. Its been a tough year; tier systems, policing of our social activities, heightened propaganda and sky-rocketing suicide rates. But mostly the general public have looked on having trust in the authorities which in a lot of cases may be beneficial, although in this instance something appears to be very strange. Huge amounts of oddities within the Covid-19 narrative which I outlined here. One whooper of an oddity is the difference in death rate between this year (so far) and last year.

Below is a table to illustrate

2019 Death rate 2020 Death rate (so far)

The difference in death rate is 29, 194 going by the mainstream narrative this shows the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, instead it highlights the excess deaths which occurred during the lockdown months. Lockdown lasted between the end of March 2020 to June 2020. During this period the weekly death rates increased significantly after the Prime minster, Boris Johnson announced a tyrannical national’ ‘lockdown”. Before the lockdown, death rates were falling from the annual flu season peak of 14,058 only after lockdown was announced did the death rate increase. All the information regarding weekly death rates can be viewed here.

In history, fringe groups were looked at as being the ones in the wrong while the mainstream story of the time is seen as being moral, justified and normal. Today, these fringe groups consist of so-called ”conspiracy theorists” a term to suppress individuals that choose to think outside the mainstream narrative. Questioning the mainstream narrative is what brought about many changes in society which have benefited previously marginalised groups. Many individuals who may be labelled ”conspiracy theorist” advocate for issues such as; a fairer society, truth, exposing propaganda and being against excessive governmental control.

Illustration of an Enslaved African wearing a mask

The Atlantic Slave Trade was once a industry that many in the world saw favourably, it was a trade that was dependent on enslaved Africans working till their death. Many forms of propaganda was created to justify the industry. Propaganda included the following; Africans were unintelligent, enjoyed their servitude, uneducated and came from a continent of darkness with no civilisation. This couldn’t be further from the truth, many African societies had complex forms of civilisations such as; the Kingdom of Punt, Mali Empire, Ghana Empire and Great Zimbabwe. The ”conspiracy theorists” during the Atlantic slave trade were the abolitionists, these individuals were against the tyranny of the regime. This group was persecuted and hunted down. Although this may be an extreme example to compare to the modern world there are many parallels.

Visiting your Mother in a care home could be considered a criminal offence in 2020

One such parallel is the striking similarities between the mask which is used to apparently stop the spread of a virus to the Slave iron bit. Another example is the criminalisation of social activities.


cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary use of power or control.

Dictating to individuals whether they can visit their relatives is nothing but tyrannical cruelty an elderly Woman here pleads to see her Children. This is only one example of the real life consequences of excessive governmental control on the population.

In conclusion throughout history; from Nazi Germany to the height of the colonial world a deadly virus struck the world…

And that virus is, Tyranny.


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