Another year, Another fear…

To say there’s been a lot of fear mongering in the media in regards to Covid-19 is an understatement. A new fear has been invented for 2021. Since December 2020 the new fear has been a new London variant of Covid-19. A mutation…

It’s commonly known viruses mutate on a regular basis, in fact the job of a virus is to survive and replicate by evolving to stay alive according to mainstream science. Another term for evolving is ”mutating” as coined by biologist Charles Darwin. Virologists are constantly on the lookout for the next strain and how it’ll effect populations.

The mention of influenza in recent months has vanished due to reassigning every flu-like symptom as covid-19.


A snippet from this document clearly state that influenza has a high mutation rate.

Influenza virus continues to be a major worldwide human health problem because it rapidly evolves antigenic changes and resistance to antiviral drugs. This rapid evolution is a consequence of the virus’ high mutation rate, which generates high genetic diversity and promotes adaptation

See full document here

We’ve had many strains of Influenza over the past 100 years including; H3N2 (Hong Kong Flu), H2N2 (Asian Flu) and more recent times H1N1 commonly known as Swine Flu. Oddly enough none of which required tyrannical ”lockdown” measures. Another article by the live science website backs up the claim of constantly mutating viruses.

Every year, the influenza virus evolves, allowing the resulting strains to escape the flu-fighting antibodies our immune systems produced in response to previous vaccination or infection. So every year, scientists develop new seasonal flu vaccines to protect us from the circulating strains.

See full live science article here

This is the reason despite people getting vaccinated, you can still catch the flu. Its the same with ”Covid-19” it mutates and different strains would inevitably be found within the population. The Covid-19 vaccine would have to be a yearly vaccine to battle upcoming mutations of the virus similar to the flu jab.

So we’ve established all viruses mutate but lets investigate if the London Covid-19 mutation is more deadly?

A BBC article from the 20th December 2020 analyses the new London coronavirus variant. Throughout the article they push the idea that its easier to transmit which ”could” mean more hospital admissions. But near the bottom of the article the most important question is answered – Is the new strain more deadly?

There is no evidence to suggest that it does, although this will need to be monitored. However, just increasing transmission would be enough to cause problems for hospitals. If the new variant means more people are infected more quickly, that would in turn lead to more people needing hospital treatment.

Click here for the full article

The short answer is no the new strain isn’t more deadly. The fact a virus that has a 1% mortality rate mutated doesn’t mean very much. Its even more irrelevant that the strain is more transmittable. The article stated a possibility for more hospital admissions but its just that – a possibility.


As mentioned before viruses mutate and that works in the governments’ favour to impose authoritarian rules and guidance upon the population. As long as there’s Humans on the face of the planet viruses will always mutate. Governments can continue to issue ”lockdown” measures in response to every single new strain.

Is that the world you want to live in? Whenever a virus mutates the government and MSM hurl out fear-porn articles to scare you indoors?

I encourage everyone not to let this new fear infect their minds.

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