US Capitol riots hoax

US Capitol ”riots”

The White House is a secure government building in Washington, DC it should take a genius to breach the security there but no it was as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Below is a first-hand account of the US Capitol riots. The mainstream media narrative is a group of extremists stormed the White House causing damage, and destruction.

I was in D.C. I am home and safe. I am still processing the events that took place, but I wanted to take a moment to set the record straight. First, let me just say this. The mainstream media lies. I repeat, the mainstream media is a lying, brainwashing propaganda machine. CNN, Fox, all of them. What you saw on the news is not an accurate representation of the events that took place yesterday. I went to D.C. so that I could tell my kids and their future kids that I did everything I could to fight for our country. There were roughly 2 million patriots there, maybe more. So many that the crowd stretched beyond the Washington Monument. The entire rally was completely peaceful. People of ALL colors, shapes, sizes, and ages standing out in the frigid cold for hours, singing the national anthem and other happy songs. Grandmothers. An elderly couple in matching wheelchairs. Fathers and sons. Mothers and daughters. Men with canes and limps. Veterans. Gays. Blacks. Cubans. Hispanics. Americans. (Yes, these are the so called “dangerous white supremacists” the news warns you about.) I walked to the capitol steps and stood looking up at the beautiful building I have waited my whole life to see. Outside, it was completely peaceful. A girl was playing the harp. A man was preaching from the Bible. Someone else was singing. People were laughing and smiling and waving American flags. No violence. I repeat, no violence. Here is the truth about the capitol “breach.” It was a set up. First, the D.C. mayor shut off all cell communication so we could not post videos or communicate with one another. The D.C. police opened the gates wide and ushered in An-Tee-Fa. Yes, the PAID domestic terrorist group that has spent a good chunk of the year burning down cities around the country without any condemnation from most elected officials. There are videos of them being bussed in in white busses and nonchalantly waved into the capitol. They walked right in, camouflaged in Trump gear, with little to no security. They broke windows and incited violence inside the capitol. Yes, some patriots went inside. I have seen footage. There was tear gas, rubber bullets, and more. Some patriots encouraged them not to engage in violence. I am aware a woman was shot and killed, and I am sickened over it. I was not an eye witness to what transpired inside the capitol, but I will say this. Outside, it was so peaceful that I had no idea what was going on until I returned to my hotel and saw I had over 150 texts from friends asking if I was okay because they had seen the news footage making it look like World War Three. So, once more, I repeat, the mainstream media LIES. They sensationalize. They do everything to spin a narrative rather than tell the truth. And if you don’t believe me, explain how certain news outlets reported at 9:30 am. Time stamped yesterday that Trump supporters had caused riots at the capitol, yet no one arrived on the scene until after noon. Lies. Lies. Lies. But they won’t be around much longer, so it doesn’t matter. Anyway, I digress. What I really want to share is the stories. A Hispanic man I met in the airport who told me, with tears in his eyes, of his journey to America and how proud he was to become a citizen and live in our great country of freedom to raise his family. A girl from Venezuela, who understands what it means to stand in a bread line and told me, also with tears in her eyes, her stories and what freedom means to her. New Yorkers, who shared their heartbreaking stories of how their governor has destroyed their state and bankrupted thousands of hard working business owners as hundreds of people flee the city every day. The Vietnamese community, who also share their heart-breaking stories of escape from communism. The owner of the Greek restaurant we visited who is hanging on by a thread and was so grateful we came. A guy from Portland who is heartbroken by the destruction in his city. And then, as we were leaving our hotel, the hotel attendant who ran up to us to thank us for coming, choking up as he explained his escape from Romania and the communism he suffered under there. These people understand what is at stake. They are Americans who love our country and what it stands for. And when free speech has been censored the way we’ve seen it the past few months, you no longer have freedom. If my grandfather could jump out of planes in World War 2 at the age of 18, the least I could do was show up in D.C. I know many of you may not understand this right now. You see the division. I understand. I hate the division as much as you do. I am a peace maker. I love God, my family, my friends. This all breaks my heart very much. I hope that one day soon, you will learn the truth and understand the big picture. Because there is a very big picture at play. I will be taking a social media break for a while because I am physically and emotionally exhausted, but if you want to message me, I am happy to share videos and photos of what actually transpired. And if not, that’s okay too. Love to you all, God bless, and goodnight.

Written by Karen Koczwara

So as you can see from the first-hand accounts it was a perfectly manufactured event to further demonise Donald Trump and his supporters. The riots have given the excuse for the National guard to patrol the capital of the ”free” world. This is preparation for war and that war is against our freedom.


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