Where has the flu gone?

One year on from the initial Covid-19 ”pandemic” and no health expert in the mainstream media theatre show has answered this puzzling question. It appears that no one since early 2020 has contracted influenza. Every year in the UK we have advertisement campaigns in healthcare facilities advising us to wash our hands, sneeze into a tissue and be vigilant. These campaigns were not as propagandised as our current situation but nonetheless was an annual occurrence.

The posters like the one shown was a common sight across the UK and I’m sure other Countries which before 2020 always saw a increased awareness of Influenza during the winter. Influenza can be deadly to over 65s especially ones with weakened immune systems such as cancer patients. However the world has successfully been replaced with a even more deadlier virus, Covid-19.

So how deadly is Covid-19 in comparison to Influenza? Lets investigate…


According to the Nhs website the symptoms of Covid-19 are the following –

high temperature, a new continuous cough and a loss of taste or smell.

Nhs – Covid-19 symptoms

But what are symptoms of influenza? According to the same website symptoms of influenza are the following; high temperature, achy body, fatigue, a dry cough, a sore throat, headache, loss of appetite, feeling sick and difficulty sleeping.

It could be a mistake on the part of the Nhs but it seems that influenza has more symptoms! Not just that but it appears to parallel the same symptoms of Flu.

For the sake of credibility let’s see what the World Health Organisation says about Covid-19 symptoms.

Most common symptoms are;

Fever, dry cough, tiredness

Less common symptoms are;

aches and pains, Sore throat, Conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, loss of taste or smell, a rash on skin or discolouration

Serious symptoms are;

difficulty breathing, chest pain, Loss of speech or movement

So, the World health organisation has listed more symptoms for Covid-19 but again these symptoms are simply flu symptoms – in fact these symptoms could be from what is known as acute radiation sickness but we’ll tackle that in another article…

We’ve established so far the symptoms of both viruses are exactly the same and since early 2020 anyone with these symptoms are assumed to have Covid-19 instead of the flu or any other ailment.

But what about the mortality rate? How does Covid-19 fair in comparison to Influenza. Let’s investigate…

According to Bmj the mortality rate for Covid-19 is at 0.66%.

The overall death rate from covid-19 has been estimated at 0.66%, rising sharply to 7.8% in people aged over 80 and declining to 0.0016% in children aged 9 and under.

The Bmj

So as you can see above Covid-19 has a very low mortality rate. But how does this compare to Influenza?

Influenza can be deadly but isn’t likely to kill you unless you are already immuno-compromised. An article from the World Health organisation state the following –

A recent study found that worldwide up to 650 000 people die of respiratory diseases linked to seasonal influenza each year, and up to 72 000 of these deaths occur in the WHO European Region.


This means less than 1% of the world population die from Influenza each year. However each flu season can differ dramatically.

My conclusion is Covid-19 and Influenza are similar in terms of potency both have similar symptoms and both have very low mortality rates.

However to answer the question…

Where has the flu gone?

Its simply been rebranded to give the illusion of a worldwide pandemic, which is supposedly putting our lives and the healthcare sector at risk. As mentioned beforehand symptoms of ”Covid-19” can be attributed to many other ailments including the overlooked Flu…

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