Is Covid-19 radiation sickness?

Radiation sickness is a illness where an individual is exposed to ionising radiation. The mainstream media rarely mention the risk of radiation from our daily gadgets however, there is a need to explore this topic especially in recent times. The symptoms of radiation sickness to my knowledge are the following; Vomiting, fever, headache, fatigue, coughing and diarrhoea among others. These symptoms are parallel to yes, symptoms of Covid-19. For a reminder symptoms of covid-19 are the following; Fever, dry cough, tiredness, body aches, loss of taste or smell. During the Chernobyl radiation crisis eye witnesses recall people coughing, vomiting and enduring headaches. You can find this article here. Now, I’m not saying the modern day radiation sickness is from the result of a massive nuclear explosion but we can’t dismiss the parallels. But I’m afraid the similarities don’t stop there. On the World Health organisation website one curious symptom of ”covid-19” is listed…


a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes.

This is yet another symptom of radiation sickness also known commonly as radiation burn. Here is a snippet from Wikipedia

Within a few hours after irradiation, a transient and inconsistent redness (associated with itching) can occur.


They constantly proclaim ”conspiracy theorists” to be spreading misinformation, but two different illnesses have the exact same symptoms. There would be no need for ”theories” to exist if there wasn’t any suspicious correlations between two completely different illnesses. Furthermore, the websites being linked are not amateur websites, but official sources of supposedly ”correct” information such as the WHO and Wikipedia. It is not far fetched to come to the conclusion that ”Covid-19” symptoms are a mask for mild symptoms of radiation sickness.

Why does radiation sickness and Covid-19 have similar symptoms?

So now we come to this question and I’m afraid I may have to come to a conclusion many in the mainstream media will deem to be ”utterly ridiculous” which is the possibility that 5G is causing mild symptoms of radiation sickness among the population with life threatening consequences among some individuals. If I’m not mistaken Wuhan was the first City in China to test out 5G technology – it was also the first city to experience the effects of Covid-19. According to this government website my assertion is correct.

A 5G tower

China Mobile has teamed up with local authorities to pilot 5G services in Wuhan, witnessing central China’s first 5G smart street-lamp built in the Jianghan District. The 5G coverage for commercial use in Jianghan is expected to be completed in October.

So the 5G coverage in Jianghan (a district of Wuhan) was completed in October 2019 roughly a month before the first Covid-19 cases were identified in that same region.

Brussels City council which supposedly has one of the most restrictive radiation rules halted the rollout of 5G in the City.

“I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not,” Environment minister Céline Fremault told Bruzz.

Brussels Times

400 doctors in Brussels have wrote a letter to the local government pleading them not to allow 5G to be rolled out. Included in the letter are health effects from the increase in frequencies. The full letter can be found here.


To summarise it appears to be that Covid-19 could very well be a ploy to deceive the public into thinking, reactions to the new 5G technology is not radiation sickness but instead, a deadly virus. But the veil is being uncovered and eventually it’ll be clear for all to see.

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