Do we live in a democracy?

Here in the UK we praise ourselves for living in a democracy, a fundamental part of so called ”Western values” this can be applied to most Countries of the world, the upliftment of the current political model. This political model is seen as the be all and end all. But do we really live in a democracy? In this article I’ll put forth examples proofing that we don’t live in a true democracy.

The definition of democracy means ruled by the people it comes from the Ancient Greek word ”demos” which means the common people and ”crat” or ”cracy” which means ruled by. But this doesn’t translate into real life and nor is this more evident than in the last few years. The common people rarely have a say in any laws, even if there’s a sizable amount of the general public who oppose the law or action by the government.


One example of lack of democracy was the UK military involvement in Syria, despite opposition from the general public the then Prime minster Theresa May went ahead with the illegitimate military invasion of Syria based on lies. Such a huge decision to invade a Country should include a whole Country not just elected officials, especially as the money needed for the planes, bombs, soldiers and drones need British taxpayers money to fund it. Protests took place in London, but of course the establishment didn’t take this into consideration. On the 3rd December 2015 the UK parliament approved military involvement in Syria whilst demonstrations took place.

In fact a poll done by The Independent states the majority of Britons did not support drone strikes on Syria.

The exclusive survey for The Independent shows more people opposed than supported the action, which saw US, British and French forces fire more than 100 missiles at three Syrian government facilities.

The Independent

In a democracy a system ruled by the people such decisions should be made by the people a vote not just by the elected officials but the common people. An open discussion of how much this will cost, how it will effect the near future and pros & cons of military involvement. But the issue with an open discussion involving the masses would mean the outcome would not be in the cabal’s favour.

Analysis of figures released in response to Freedom of Information requests by Drone Wars UK indicate that the UK has spent £1.75bn on armed air missions against ISIS in Iraq and Syria since August 2014. It should be noted that the overall cost of UK military operations in Iraq and Syria will be much higher.

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If the general public was told how much money would be spend on drone attacks in Syria alongside holding a fair referendum I’m sure the answer to ”Should the UK invade Syria” would be a ”no”.


Another more relevant example of the lack of democracy is the ongoing lockdown restrictions which have been thrust upon the world since early 2020. The first prison-like lockdown took place in China after the discovery of ”Covid-19” a supposedly deadly virus. To many this wasn’t shocking as China isn’t seen as a bastion of democracy or freedom in fact China has a one party political system – the Chinese communist Party. The Tiananmen Square protests is probably the most high profile of incidents in recent Chinese history. Knowing all of this, China is most definitely not a democracy. But the roll-out of lockdowns across the world in Countries which proclaim to be democratic and free this may came as a shock. The banning of public gathering in many Countries meant you were breaking government regulations effectively banning protests. Lockdowns also curtailed the free movement of people between Countries unless it was a for ”essential” purposes. Many businesses were closed under the guise of ”limiting the spread of covid” leaving thousands without an income with millions plunging into poverty. I previously posted an article on how tyranny regularly infects the world and the strange disappearance of the flu. Again, to actively support the idea that we live in a democracy we should have held an open debate with various health professionals, business owners, workers as well as politicians to ascertain what method would be the most beneficial to curtail the spread of Covid-19. The debate should have included individuals such as Doctor Venon Coleman as well as many others who state the sameCovid-19 was a planned pandemic. But if an open and truthful discussion was held then the consensus would be ”No” to National lockdowns.


Our elections are simply selections of individuals that have been already pre-approved to win the election, whether it be democrats or republicans in the USA or Labour or Conservatives in the UK. During these election campaigns the media push information to coerce the general public to vote a particular party into power.

We believe that concentration in news and information markets in particular has reached endemic levels in the UK and that we urgently need effective remedies. Concentrated ownership creates conditions in which wealthy individuals and organisations can amass vast political and economic power and distort the media landscape to suit their interests. Urgent action is needed in order both to address high levels of concentration in particular media markets and to protect against further concentration in others.

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In the UK Lord Rothermere, Rupert Murdoch, Richard Desmond and Alexander Evgeny all Billionaires own the vast majority of the media there. Such a small group of uber-wealthy individuals monopolising on the information we consume is not democratic in any shape or form.

In a myriad of situations the people are dictated to by powerful individuals, whether to pay more carbon tax, to receive a vaccine, to cut the welfare budget or to impose draconian lockdown restrictions on the population. The power has been taken from the people and we’re given the illusion that we live in a democracy.

The real question here is, did we ever live in a true democracy?


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