The UK says ”NO” to the New Normal!

On the 24th April 2021 people from across the nation decided to stand up to the new normal, or more accurately described as the New World Order plan dressed up. Powerful voices came to the nation’s capital to announce that we the people will not be silenced into submission while oligarchs play us like pawns on a chessboard.

Despite the ongoing infringements of our basic human rights we decided to march across central London while voicing our concerns.

Stand up Take your Freedoms back!

”Arrest Matt Hancock”

”The biggest trick was to convince you healthy people are sick, are you sick London?”

These statements were echoed across the City while others danced, played music and handing out newspapers such as The Light which is an independently owned newspaper distributing Truth. This leads me to my next point the Mainstream media representation of the protest.


The Independent owned by Russian oligarchs produced an inaccurate account of the protest on the 24th. Lets analyse the article…

Eight police officers were injured after violence broke out at an anti-lockdown protest in central London attended by thousands of people.

Bottles were thrown as the Metropolitan Police attempted to disperse crowds in Hyde Park at the end of the demonstration on Saturday evening.

Judging from raw footage from protesters at Hyde Park the Police instigated the violence by pushing, shoving and attempting to ”disperse” people for no lawful reason. In fact earlier during the protest the Met Police attempted to ”disperse” people while Marching under Waterloo Bridge however this failed miserably as the police were outnumbered – by hundreds of thousands of passionate freedom fighters.

It came after an estimated 10,000 joined the “Unite for Freedom” march through the capital to oppose measures in place to curb the spread of Covid-19.

The above figure is a deliberate under estimate to install the idea that its simply a small minority of people who oppose the new normal. The real figure is probably closer to One Million people. As a eye witness the sheer scale of people but more importantly the diversity of people was incredible. I suspect such huge volumes of individuals attending sends shivers down the spine of the orchestrators of the Covid-19 hoax.


Meanwhile, two more arrests have been made in connection with a kill the Bill protest in Bristol that turned violent. Avon and Somerset Police said two men aged 23 and 25 were arrested on suspicion of violent disorder following the disturbances on 21 March

To give the reader a negative impression of protestors and similar grassroot movements the Independent than proceed to bring up the ”Kill the Bill protest” event in Bristol which turned violent. This is a ploy to discourage our democratic right to protest and install in the masses that protesting is no better than criminality.


On the BBC News home page less than 24 hours after the event no headlines are displayed reporting on the massive protest that took place on the nation’s Capital. This shows you how the mainstream media do not report on reality but instead report a fictional one to deceive the masses. Reporting on the protests extensively and god-forbid interviewing protesters on national Television would quickly unravel the hoax.

The truth is the March was a peaceful event, an event to show the establishment we do not consent to their Vaccine passport, vaccination programme, restrictions of movement, censorship and misinformation.


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