The importance of discernment

I fear in current times there’s a lack of discernment, the ability to see through lies and look for plot holes in the stories we’re fed. It appears to be a lost skill to discern if we’re being deceived. To be discerning means to accurately judge opposing information, to use your intuition, a deep knowing that something doesn’t make sense.

1: the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure skill in discerning

2: an act of perceiving or discerning something

How many people have failed to discern the world around them? Very few have realised the scale of lies which infect our world, the plot holes, the inconsistencies and agendas that are hidden in plain sight. Agendas such as the new normal which is the greatest transfer of wealth in recent times. Most appear blissfully unaware while a small but growing minority are waking up to this agenda.

The lack of this skill is dangerous as it makes every one of us susceptible to outside influence and a lot of that outside influence is nefarious…


Everything in our society tells us to shut down this skill and instead just ”trust the experts”, ”trust the science” and just ”get on with it” we are vilified if we think inwards and come up with ideas that are not from approved experts. Alleged ”conspiracy theorists” are mocked, bullied and silenced for thinking outside the box. This article from the times is a perfect example of what I’m explaining, to be right in this world means you must ”trust the science”. Peoples blind faith in science and government have led people directly to the slaughter house time and time again experts have been proven wrong on many issues.

Cigarettes were once seen as healthy for the population over 60 years ago in fact advertisements were commonplace – this may shock a lot of people but this was as common as advertisements for McDonalds, perfumes or shoes are today.

In 1946, RJ Reynolds built a campaign on the slogan, “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette”.

As you can see above the idea of smoking cigarettes was endorsed as healthy. But for the individuals who had discernment, the ability to judge then you wouldn’t have fallen for these advertisements.


Another example where discernment is vital is in relation to consuming mainstream media as I said before, its essential for an individual to pick apart a story or see when someone is acting…

If you have any observational skills you’ll see straight through this act as just that an act. This is to make the population believe Matt Hancock is acting from his heart – this can’t be further from the truth. Most politicians are proven to be liars who are only in the job for the financial gain and not the betterment of the population. In fact there has been many studies which have concluded that most politicians are psychopaths.

What are psychopaths best known for? Lying, cheating and violating the rights of others. Does this sound familiar? Matt Hancock has been caught lying about the national shortage of PPE and denying the health benefits of Vitamin D in fighting the fake Covid-19 virus. The article here state is he ignorant or incompetent? He’s worse he is in fact a psychopath. The lies he like many other politicians tell are so monumental there indeed psychopathic.

The bottom line is individuals must reclaim their ability to discern information because if you can’t you’ll be led down a very dark path…


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