Who is ”Alternative Thoughts”

I am a humble member of the 99% trying to give an alternative perspective to the mainstream narrative. Many of us feel disenfranchised by the beast system that exists around us – me included.

My mission to give myself and others another platform to vent our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

What is ”Alternative thoughts” all about?

As the title says ”What is Alternative Thoughts” all about?

Exactly what is says; I give an alternative viewpoint to the mainstream narrative we are surrounded with. Many of the big corporations that feed us information such as; the BBC, ITV, Reuters, BSkyB and many more give us a narrow perspective of the world. These organisations don’t have our best interests at heart and will lead us astray in trying to find the truth.

Alternative Thoughts will not try to ”feed” you information in a dictatorial role but will however try to open your mind to differing viewpoints and worldviews that don’t reach mainstream media. Viewpoints from the Purpose of life, The mental health pandemic, holistic health, Racism, Masculinity and of course the big one… Covid-19. All from an Alternative perspective.

Some of the content here on Alternative Thoughts will be educated opinions and some facts however here no topic is too ”crazy” to look into.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming blog entries.

Oh, and please…

Think, Alternatively…

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