Is Covid-19 radiation sickness?

Radiation sickness is a illness where an individual is exposed to ionising radiation. The mainstream media rarely mention the risk of radiation from our daily gadgets however, there is a need to explore this topic especially in recent times. The symptoms of radiation sickness to my knowledge are the following; Vomiting, fever, headache, fatigue, coughingContinue reading “Is Covid-19 radiation sickness?”

Where has the flu gone?

One year on from the initial Covid-19 ”pandemic” and no health expert in the mainstream media theatre show has answered this puzzling question. It appears that no one since early 2020 has contracted influenza. Every year in the UK we have advertisement campaigns in healthcare facilities advising us to wash our hands, sneeze into aContinue reading “Where has the flu gone?”

Another year, Another fear…

To say there’s been a lot of fear mongering in the media in regards to Covid-19 is an understatement. A new fear has been invented for 2021. Since December 2020 the new fear has been a new London variant of Covid-19. A mutation… It’s commonly known viruses mutate on a regular basis, in fact theContinue reading “Another year, Another fear…”

Is tyranny the virus?

In recent years we’ve seen a shift from free will within populations – the ability for an individual to assess a situation and act accordingly, to governments around the world dictating for how long you can kiss your grandmother. Its been a tough year; tier systems, policing of our social activities, heightened propaganda and sky-rocketingContinue reading “Is tyranny the virus?”

Victim mentality and the anti-racism movement

Today I would like to discuss how a victim mentality relates to the anti-racism movements. On the whole, I believe the movement is a good cause as we should live in a world without harmful old colonial era ideologies. Such ideologies include eugenics, the ideology of White Supremacy, colourism and subsequent internalised racism. Unfortunately ideologiesContinue reading “Victim mentality and the anti-racism movement”

Your body, Government’s choice…

As you may know the Covid-19 vaccine is out, and many sources are claiming to beat the supposed pandemic up to 85% of the population need to be vaccinated. What we really need for 75% to 85% of the population to get vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, he explained. Click here to read more HoweverContinue reading “Your body, Government’s choice…”

What is Propaganda?

Britannica describes propaganda as follows; Propaganda is the more or less systematic effort to manipulate other people’s beliefs, attitudes, or actions by means of symbols (words, gestures, banners, monuments, music, clothing, insignia, hairstyles, designs on coins and postage stamps, and so forth). Deliberateness and a relatively heavy emphasis on manipulation distinguish propaganda from casual conversation orContinue reading “What is Propaganda?”

The oddities of the Covid-19 Vaccine

In a world where we have such a wide array of food that is nourishing for the body, why do we need man-made products such as vaccines which contain MRC-5, Mrna and this to halt the spread of viruses such as covid-19? Surely herbal remedies and healthy diet is enough? The current Covid-19 ‘’pandemic’’ orContinue reading “The oddities of the Covid-19 Vaccine”

Why the term White Privilege is harmful.

A term has become popularised in the last decade ‘’White Privilege’’  it has become a term to create a feeling of guilt in the consciousness of White people.  What is the mainstream definition of ‘’White Privilege’’? Below is a snippet from Wikipedia ‘’White privilege or white skin privilege is a the societal privilege that benefitsContinue reading “Why the term White Privilege is harmful.”