Do we live in a democracy?

The definition of democracy means ruled by the people it comes from the Ancient Greek word ”demos” which means the common people and ”crat” or ”cracy” which means ruled by. But this doesn’t translate into real life…

Freedom of Information Request: Maudsley and South London NHS Trust

On the 23rd February 2021 I decided to request freedom of information from the above nhs trust. Dear Sir or Madam, I would like to gain knowledge on the amount of individuals who have sadly died of Covid-19 within the South London and Maudsley Nhs trust. The current methology the government uses appears to misleadContinue reading “Freedom of Information Request: Maudsley and South London NHS Trust”

Decoding the Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones is a mysterious monument located in Elberton County, Georgia in the United States the monument was built in 1980. The Guidestones are colloquially called ”the American Stonehenge” as both are astronomical calendars. However that’s where the similarities stop, as the Georgia Guidestones contain 10 guidelines for society but the guidelines are quiteContinue reading “Decoding the Georgia Guidestones”

Evidence to suggest Covid-19 is a contrived event

Below I will summarise the many reasons to support the evidence that Covid-19 is a contrived pandemic to subjugate the global population towards the elites. The elites are individuals who own massive multi-national corporations, heads of international organisations, royalty and other individuals we don’t see in the mainstream media. Governments are slowly taking our freedomsContinue reading “Evidence to suggest Covid-19 is a contrived event”


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