BREAKING NEWS: Nanotechnology can be hacked!

Its widely know that nanotechnology is what sets the Covid-19 vaccine apart from previous vaccines. Its spawned many ”conspiracy theories” over the last year or so many of which has come true… Can this nanotechnology be in the vaccine be used for more nefarious reasons? The above video states its a very real ”side effect”Continue reading “BREAKING NEWS: Nanotechnology can be hacked!”

Evidence to suggest Covid-19 is a contrived event

Below I will summarise the many reasons to support the evidence that Covid-19 is a contrived pandemic to subjugate the global population towards the elites. The elites are individuals who own massive multi-national corporations, heads of international organisations, royalty and other individuals we don’t see in the mainstream media. Governments are slowly taking our freedomsContinue reading “Evidence to suggest Covid-19 is a contrived event”