Do you know what’s inside your Astra-Zeneca vaccine?

In this article, I will give an in depth analysis of the AstraZeneca vaccine ingredients and a factual explanation of what these ingredients can do to the Human body. Many European Countries have temporarily suspended the use of the vaccine due to concerns of blood clots. Even in the UK where it is not suspendedContinue reading “Do you know what’s inside your Astra-Zeneca vaccine?”

Another year, Another fear…

To say there’s been a lot of fear mongering in the media in regards to Covid-19 is an understatement. A new fear has been invented for 2021. Since December 2020 the new fear has been a new London variant of Covid-19. A mutation… It’s commonly known viruses mutate on a regular basis, in fact theContinue reading “Another year, Another fear…”

Is tyranny the virus?

In recent years we’ve seen a shift from free will within populations – the ability for an individual to assess a situation and act accordingly, to governments around the world dictating for how long you can kiss your grandmother. Its been a tough year; tier systems, policing of our social activities, heightened propaganda and sky-rocketingContinue reading “Is tyranny the virus?”

Your body, Government’s choice…

As you may know the Covid-19 vaccine is out, and many sources are claiming to beat the supposed pandemic up to 85% of the population need to be vaccinated. What we really need for 75% to 85% of the population to get vaccinated to achieve herd immunity, he explained. Click here to read more HoweverContinue reading “Your body, Government’s choice…”